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Building Industry Reforms 2021

A New Era in the Design and Construction of Buildings in NSW

If you are thinking of entering the property market with a new home or investment project as of 1 July, 2021 you should have peace of mind that it will be designed and built in compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

What’s involved with these new reforms?

The purpose of these reforms is to ensure that NSW’s building industry is constructing trustworthy buildings and delivering quality projects to consumers.

From 1 July 2021, there will be compulsory registration for practitioners involved in design and building work, including professional engineers.

You will know that your chosen design practitioner has registration as they will be required to prepare regulated designs and issue a compliance declaration to declare that the design complies with the Building Code of Australia.

What does this mean for the client?

When making the choice between architect, building designer and draftsperson you must always ask the question, ‘is this person qualified and registered to design and prepare documentation for my project?’

An architect already has the legal qualifications and does not need to issue a compliance declaration as they have spent up to 8 years preparing to become a Registered Architect.

Architects have to complete the 5-6 years of study, on the job experience, the written exam, the interview and the continued professional development to become ‘board registered’ and proceed year after year to remain ‘board registered.’

While the building designer and draftsperson can be more than capable and have honed their skills over time they don’t have the same experience or knowledge as an architect.

What this means for OUR clients?

All our past, present & future clients can rest assured that here at ELK Designs we are fully licensed, with registered architects overseeing our design team.  We are up to date with all building code requirements, insurances and are QA certified.


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