Lockyer St House

This project saw the client seeking a modern extension to their existing miner’s cottage in Adamstown.  The modern style of the extension was intended to provide a backdrop to the existing dwelling, creating a feature of the classic style and allowing the beauty of the traditional cottage to sit prominently on the street front.  The use of dark colours and simple textures in expressed jointed FC and reclaimed bricks, provided a sleek, modern appearance to the extension, while enabling the new addition to concede to the lighter, brighter exterior of the existing cottage sitting proud at the front of the site.  The rear balcony and roof form mimic the pitch of the existing dwelling, drawing on the original architectural style and creating a grand and lofty feel to the upstairs retreat.

Internally, the extension revolved around the provision of a modern, open plan living/kitchen/dining area on the ground floor paired with a level 2 master retreat overlooking a generous external entertaining area, pool and yard.  The architecture orientates itself towards the north-faced rear of the block, drawing in natural light, sheltering the inhabitants from the neighbouring dwellings and encouraging connection between the internal spaces and the external environment.

Architecture: ELK | Interiors: ELK | Photography: Kirsten Woodforth