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Genevieve de Champlain


Genevieve joined the ELK team in 2021. After completing her Master in Architecture from the University of Montreal, she chose to embrace her passion for Interior Architecture, and now seamlessly integrates the two practices. She brings a unique perspective to projects, blending architectural principles with interior design. Genevieve works closely with Lucy, together running the ELK Interior Design team

Genevieve’s journey is marked by her versatility and adeptness in conceptualisation, design development, and meticulous documentation. Her project portfolio reflects a diverse range of typologies, spanning from residential to dynamic corporate spaces and retail environments. With a keen understanding of spatial dynamics, Genevieve excels in crafting spaces that not only captivate but also engage and inspire.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Genevieve finds joy in spending time with friends and family. She revels in moments shared with family and friends; travelling across the globe seeking inspiration and building memories.